What is a Client?

Anyone created in CLASS as receiving a “full” service is considered a Client, this can be an individual or a group. A conflict check should have been performed before a full client service is provided.  

These Full-Clients can be distinguished from:

Non-Clients – These are people or organisations in CLASS that only have Informations or Referral Services. These two services are not considered “full” services as they are able to be provided even when a conflict is found, or where no identifiable information is provided (many centres do not have non-clients).

Triage Clients – These are people or organisations that have not had a completed service, but are listed in the Triage list as waiting for a service (some centres do not use Triage function).

Ways to Create a Client

  1. Conflict Check
  2. Intake Procedure 
  3. Triage
  4. Client Search 

These options depend on how a centre chooses to manage the workflow of creating a client, therefore it is important to be aware of each centre’s processes. 

Deleting a Client 

Depending on Permissions you may not be able to delete clients in CLASS, please contact your Centre Administrator for permission review if you do not have this function.

View Deleting A Client Page click here .

Clients covers everything you need to know about clients, creating new clients, editing existing clients and managing clients. It covers the client sections and fields and goes through everything you need to know about clients.