Deleting a Triage

The following outlines how to delete a Triage Service. This may be necessary if accidental or duplicated data entry has occurred. Deleting a service cannot be undone and should only be managed by Administrator Users of CLASS.

Alternative: If the Centre is not proceeding with the Service, convert the Triage to an Information or Referral.

Step 1. Select Triage from the left menu to display the Triage list.

Step 2. Click on the check box to the left of a record. A tick should be displayed once selected.

Step 3. Click on the Delete icon in the toolbar.

A pop-up confirmation will appear. If you are sure you need to delete the record, select Yes.

warning may appear if there are other objects linked to the service you are trying to delete. These must be deleted first to ensure no inadvertent lost of data. Examples may be Additional Parties or Actions.

If the Service has Additional Parties or Actions attached delete these first. For instructions, please view Deleting Additional Parties and Actions.