Getting Started – Video Guide

This page is divided into two parts:

PART A – CLASS Basics – a total of 45 minutes of separate videos designed to step through the basics.

PART B – CLASS Advanced features – videos detailing some more advanced features such as IntakeTriage and Advanced Search methods. 

CLASS Admin Videos – Further videos aimed at CLASS Admins can be found in the Admin Manual

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Part A - CLASS Basics

Video 1: CLASS Quick Introduction

Refers to some delivered features (reports etc.) as not yet delivered.

Demonstrates an outdated version of Client Search- refer to Searching for a Client to get updated information on this process

If you came to this page via the Getting Started page, you may have already seen this video. If so, skip to Video 2.

(5 Minutes) - (Made 2016)

Video 2: The National Legal Data Standards Manual and CLASS

This video is important to understand the structure of services as set out by the Data Standards Manual. Learning the definitions of each service is important for classification purposes. Each service also has its own counting rules to define when further actions begin to count as further services, or whether they continue to be classified as the initial service.

(5 Minutes) - (Made 2017 still current at March 2018)

Video 3: CLASS Search

If you want to use CLASS effectively, it is important to understand the search system for both clients and services. 

(6 Minutes) - (Made 2017 still current* at March 2018)

*The last 30 seconds contains references to the online guide which are now (March 2018) out of date. It demonstrates an outdated version of Client Search- refer to Searching for a Client to get updated information on this process.

Video 4: Conflict Checking

The essential element of every legal database is the Conflict Check function. This is vital to have a strong understanding of, as improper use of the conflict check function may not bring up the desired results.

(7 Minutes) - (Made 2017 still current* at March 2018)

*Some of the terminology is changing but this video is still the best way to get a quick introduction into conflict checks. 

Video 5. CLASS Clients

All about searching, creating, and managing Clients in CLASS.

(8 Minutes) - (Made 2016 still current at March 2018

Video 6: Services Part 1

Every action delivered to a client is a service. There is a lot of information to learn about the definitions of services, how to create them, and how they work. This video is split in two. 

(5 Minutes) -  (Made 2017 still current* at March 2018)

*NB. Attaching documents to services is now a feature of CLASS. This video mentions it as an soon to arrive feature. 

Video 7: Services Part 2

Part 2 of 2 on CLASS Services.

(8 Minutes) -  (Made 2017 still current* at March 2018)

Part B: Advanced Features

Video 8: The 5 Step Intake Workflow

Intake is a 5 step process combining creating clients, service selection, Triage, managing additional parties, conflict checking, and note taking.

7 Minutes

Video 9: Triage

The triage system exists to create a holding bay for clients who have not yet had a specific service allocated yet. Depending on your centre, this function may not be used. To check, ask other users in your centre.

7 Minutes

Video 10: Advanced Search with the Filter Builder

Filter builder is the most effective way to find both specific clients and services, or arrays of clients and services.

2 Minutes