M 05.2 Accountability Funds Report (Overdue)


Purpose: This report shows when a particular accountability report was due, if an extension was given by a State Program Manager and if the report has not yet been submitted, how many days overdue it is. The days overdue will be calculated from the Due Date, unless an Extension Date is provided. Only 6 and 12 Month Funds Reports are listed in this report. Other accountability reports are in M04.2 and M06.2.

Report Type: Standard

Previously known as: CM5.2 Funds Rpt Reqs Exception and CM5.3 Funds Excptn Extn dates



Financial Year


Developers’ Documentation

Due Date

Extension Date

Days Overdue

Due date for report typeExtension date for report type

Today – Due Date for Report (in days)


Extension Date Exists


Today – Extension Date (in days)