Accountability For Program Managers

The Accountability module allows Program Managers to seek financial reports and progress reports from Centres to address requirements and benchmarks. Program Managers will need to set these requirements and benchmarks. The Accountability module also allows for a dialogue to address these requirements and benchmarks.

The first step of the process for Program Managers is financial years.

Financial Years

These are found under “Accountability Settings” which is displayed in the below screenshot.

Program Managers will set up the financial year once, and set the due dates for each report at the same time.

To create a new financial year, simply click “New” in the top right, then select the relevant financial year, and if you would like to set due dates for each type of accountability report, please do so here, though this is optional. Just click “Save & Close” when you’re done.

Program Managers will then need to assign funding categories to each Centre, do this by going to Centre Accountability, opening each Centre one at a time, then clicking across to the Funding Categories tab, searching for the new financial year, and clicking search as seen in the below screenshot.

Now tick all relevant funding categories for that financial year and click “Save”.

Centre Accountability

This can be found in the same navigation menu as the screenshot above, directly above accountability settings. From here Program Managers can see a list of Centres and can open each Centre by clicking on the link in the “Centre Name” column. That will then display general information, contact details and office details for the Centre. There’s also a tab which will display the funding categories each Centre has used during each financial year.

Reviewing Reports From Centres

Program Managers can check reports that Centres have submitted (or not submitted) from the “Centre Reports” tab.

Finding Reports

If there are too many reports to scroll through, they can be filtered in numerous ways. For example;

By Financial Year

Use the “Name” column to see all the different reports for the financial year.

By Report Name

Use the “Report Name” column to see all the reports of a single type for all financial years.

By Approval Status

Use the “Status” column to see all reports with a particular approval status.

Once you find a report, open it by by clicking on the link in the “Report ID” column.

Step 3 – Notes & Comments

Any notes or comments from the Centre can be viewed in the comments field.

Step 4 – Extensions

Program Managers set the due dates for each report and these are typically set out in funding agreements. However, Centres can request an extension for a particular report, and can submit comments about the extension request.

To see if a Centre has requested an extension, open a report and click “Show Adjustments”:

Any comments for the adjustment can be seen by clicking on the link in the “Extension Date” column.

Approving Extension Dates

Extensions can also be approved after clicking on that same link.

You can view the extension history and approval status by selecting “Show Adjustments”.


Report Approval

The approval status can be changed using the field shown in the below screenshot.

When a Centre re-opens the report, they will see the new status.

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