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To get an answer from the CLASS Helpdesk - or to get your issue fixed - in the fastest way possible, here the are some tips and trips to improve your Helpdesk experience. 

  1. Try to be as specific as possible – try to use consistent language, eg. use the word ‘Services‘ when relating to client files, matters, etc. Use the word ‘Clients‘ when referring to client details record functionality.

  2. When you create your Helpdesk ticket, give us as many specific details as possible. Try not to send a lengthy email as this can leave more room for interpretation, but please describe your issue as fully and concisely as you can. 


Information to include in your ticket that will really help achieve a quick resolution:

  • Add a descriptive title by editing the ticket title (don’t leave it as word picked up from the ticket type you selected, eg. ‘Clarification’. A great example would be  “DIY Report Query, Issue with report for Cross Check”)
  • Add your centre name to title or in description.  Avoid abbreviations if possible. 
  • Give us a phone number and direct email contact for you so we can phone you back or screen share with you. This might be an instant resolution!
  • Add details to the ticket description like:
    • How many users does the issue affect? Just you? All centre users? Some centre users? Could it affect other centres too? 
  • Tell us which part of CLASS is causing the issue.  What actions are you taking when you run into the problem? A numbered list of steps you perform when the issue occurs is always appreciated and very helpful!
  • What troubleshooting steps have you already tried? Have you performed a cache clear? Have you restarted your computer? Have you tried anything else to fix the issue? 
  • Attach a a screenshot of any errors you receive when the issue occurs. This makes resolution much quicker. See the related articles section below. 
  • A video or screen recording saves time and is exceptionally helpful to get a quick resolution! See the related articles section below. 


Troubleshooting Tips – Try this first!

If the issue just affects you, and/or is a part of CLASS that stopped working for you during the day, even though might have used it recently, sign into CLASS in a new incognito or private window, or just restart your computer! You might fix the issue immediately, and not need additional help. 

If neither of those works, follow the clear the CLASS cache steps. 

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  1. Locate the “PrtScn” button on your keyboard (normally at the top right of your keyboard)
  2. Open a new word document, Microsoft Paint or your selected photo editing program
  3. Paste your screenshot of your screen by holding down CMD + V (on mac) or Ctrl + V (on PC)
  4. Save the file and attach it to your Helpdesk ticket


Bonus Points Available!

  1. After you have saved the screenshot, you can just drag and drop the file or paste it directly into the ticket description. 
  2. You can annotate the screen shot with several free applications like Microsoft Paint, Greenshot or a PDF or photo annotation tool. 


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Recording your screen gives us the most information about your issue available and really helps us get you a quick answer. Record your screen as you recreate/replicate the issue, and then attach the screen recording to the JIRA ticket. If you are comfortable, you can even add audio and tell us what your issue is all about as you perform the steps. 

The easiest ways to record your screen (and the ones we use daily) are:

There are some other great free options to record your screen, but check with your internal IT team as they may already have something installed on your machine, which they prefer you to use. 

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