We have temporarily stopped providing face-to-face training during the COVID-19 crisis

But we will continue to provide CLASS training via webinars in a range of areas. Please email the Helpdesk if you require training.

There are several ways to get trained up on CLASS –  which way you choose will depend on what level of CLASS user you are (a Newbie, a Worker, an Admin etc) and how much experience you have. 

Options include: 


Read on for more details: 

Self-taught video or text courses

A handy starter especially for those new to CLASS. The place to go is Getting Started, then getting oriented with the page on CLASS Navigation, and then either the Getting Started – Text Guide, or the Getting Started – Video Guide

It is true the text guide will lead you into the some of the videos, but it will have more of a text focus on most elements for those that would like to learn that way. The video guide breaks down the main CLASS elements into Youtube videos. 


The CLASS demo site

Information on The CLASS Demo site can be found here – and is useful to play with in conjunction with the Self taught guides above, because its always good to have a go. There are User and Admin logins, so users can learn the basics and admins can try new things like custom fields etc. 


Webinars and online training 

We provide webinars to groups of Centres and online training to individual Centres targeted at different levels of CLASS users such as New Users through to Centre Administrators. Check here for the module options.  For information and bookings, contact the CLASS Helpdesk.

 You can also check the training schedule for upcoming training sessions.


CLASS support team State or Territory visit

The CLASS team aim to get to conferences or run presentations, or booked face to face training in each state or territory yearly. Contact your State or Territory peak for confirmation (or ask them to invite us to your conference!) or Contact Helpdesk directly to ask if coming to you is possible. 


CLASS support face-to-face Centre visits

The CLASS helpdesk team aim to get out to each centre every two years, with a focus on those we have never visited before. These sessions are particularly useful to help with training to your centres work flows, customisation of CLASS, finding efficient ways of handling common to complex tasks, and creating custom fields and custom reports. Usually the CLASS team will book a run of Centres in similar areas, so let Helpdesk know if you would like face to face visit for your centre, and we may be able to give an indication when we aim to be in your area next. Helpdesk could also skype or run a tailored webinar into your office for a one on one training session if travel is not possible soon enough. Contact helpdesk for more details.