Critical Dates in services: tab

Critical dates can be seen in one of the tabs in a service record for a client. 

Critical dates records are generated from Actions in a service.  If the action has has a due date or reminder date a critical date record will be created.  A new critical date record can also be created if the action is edited. 

Edit critical dates records?

Once a critical date record is created it exists separately to the action that created it. It could be edited or deleted.

Its generally recommended that ACTIONS are edited in preference to editing critical dates records. The recommended practice would be to delete any unnecessary critical dates records after any follow up edits are performed on the action, especially where dates are changed.

How to create critical date records

  • Critical dates records are generated from Actions in the Actions tab in client: services.
  • Actions are created from the Actions Tab by clicking the ‘new’ icon.
  • Once you have set and saved an action with a due date or a reminder date, it will generate a critical date record which can be seen and managed in the critical dates tab and pages.

View Critical Dates

Search  for a Service

Step 1. Click on CLASS (Step 1) from the primary menu, which is indicated in the image below.

Step 2. Click on Critical Dates (Step 2) from the secondary menu as indicated above.


Step 3. Search for the service you wish you wish to edit. You can use the Name, Service ID or any other identifiers by typing them in the relevant fields. 


Step 4. Type in the details to search. An example of a client with the last name “Smith” will be demonstrated below. Once the name has been typed into the correlating field, press ENTER on the keyboard.


The search will display the possible results for “Smith” and once you identify the required record, click on the Service ID or Client ID to open.


Step 5. Click on Service ID to open the Service record. 

Clicking Client ID will open the Client record. For further instructions on Client records, visit Clients Overview.

Step 6. Once the Service record is displayed, a new tab will appear at the top of the page.  

To view Critical Dates click on the Critical Dates Tab.