Conflict Check


Conflict checking is essential part of client management.  Conflict checking rules at your centre need to be considered.

Checking consists of two parts.  Searching for individuals, which follows similar conventions to other search function in CLASS,  and then a response to the results. 

Its highly recommended that the video on conflict checking is viewed in concert with the online guide text you are currently reading. 

Conflict checking occurs in various places in CLASS as it has been setup to accomodate different workflows at different organisations. It is important that your workflow is one that is approved at your centre. 

There are two primary places where Users may perform a conflict search, these are:

  • Conflict Check via the main navigation menu
  • New Intake in steps 2 and 3, where users can check Additional Parties, and then the prospective Client respectively. 

Centres can also choose to enforce conflict checks before new clients or services are created.