N05 – Services to Priority Clients

Purpose: N05 is a customisable report on count of services delivered to NPA-identified priority groups, and percentage of services delivered to these priority groups. It allows the breakdown by Office Location, Outreach and various Administrative Boundaries. It also allows combinations of various filtering by Service Type, Law Type and demographic criteria to narrow down the search.


N05 report loaded with all filters open, by Centre.

Filter Panel

Set the filter panel for the required reporting period. The below are some examples of date range that are commonly used.



Start Date


End Date


Funding Categories

All CLSP Funding Types


Check New Filters

Please see here for more details on Catchment and Demographic filters.

Geolocation tool is available in this report and it is accessible from the filter panel section of the report. Select “Aggregate by Administrative Boundary” in Catchment – Aggregate. 

Once the Aggregate has been set as “Aggregate by Administrative Boundary,” it will trigger further options to appear under “Administrative Boundary Type.”

Other – Service Type and Law Types

 Service Types

Law Types 

Engaging with the Filters

When Local Government Area is set as Administrative Boundary Type, N05 shows a list view of service count delivered to priority clients, distributed across multiple Local Government Areas. In the below example, 153 for the Priority Group in Bathurst Regional Council means that 153 services were delivered to clients who meet the NPA priority criteria and living in the Bathurst Regional Council area in the selected period. 153 for the Total Services in Bathurst Region Council means that 153 services were delivered to all clients (whether or not they are priority clients) assisted in the selected period. Percentage of services delivered to priority group is 100% because the equal value (153) in both columns indicate that all services in the selected period have been delivered to Bathurst-residing priority clients.

One can further narrow down the results by selecting certain Service or Law Types. 


Selecting “Legal Advice” filter in Service Type narrowed down the pool of services in Blue Mountains City Council from 330 to 224.

Only selecting “Criminal Law” in Law Type further narrowed down the Priority Group from 224 to 17 in Blue Mountains City Council.

Adding “Female” to the Gender filter narrowed down the Priority Group figure from 17 to 10.