N04.1 NPA – Family Violence Indicator (Detail)

The National Partnership Agreement (NPA) is one of the primary sources of CLC funding. The NPA requires a number of specific reports. This page provides an overview of the Performance Indicator, as required by clause 17(a) of the NPA:

NPA 17 (d)

from 2017-18, for community legal centres, the number of services delivered to clients experiencing or at risk of family violence, including the number of representation services, legal advices, duty lawyer services, legal tasks, and dispute resolution services.

Purpose: Count of unique services where FV Indicator is Yes or At Risk Of

Report Type: Standard


As the NPA reports are designed for specific use, there are set filters that should be used. 



Start Date


End Date


Funding Categories

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  1. The Total row will only be relevant to Peak Bodies. When running the report for an individual centre, only information relating to that centre will display.


Example Report


Refer to the Data Consistency Guide for definitions of Service types such as Discrete Services, Ongoing Services and Community Projects.