Printout Templates Advanced Check Boxes and Calculated Fields

Some Centre’s have an interest in designing the Printout template data fields to display as a collection of check boxes that only one of them is ticked depending on what is actually selected in a CLASS record see an example of that below:

Just note the design itself is quite time consuming to produce so use it sparingly

This is possible please review the training Video below:

To Create a Calculated Field:

From the Fields List Menu on the right hand side:

  1. Left Click on the Field List Menu
  2. Left Click on the SQL data source OR Expand it and left click on the Table you wish the Calculated field to be created in or be a “Member of
  3. Press the New Calculated Field Button
  4. Fill out the Calculated Field’s properties
    1. Create a name with no spaces and a consistent naming convention i.e. if you will create several fields that are related to one standard field or custom field in CLASS name each field along those line i.e. “ATSI_Yes” , “ATSI_No”, “ATSI_Both”
    2. Display name is the more human readable name and can contain spaces 
    3. Field Type – is the kind of data you want the Calculated field to process as well as display
      1. Boolean’s work well with Check Boxes
      2. Labels can accept strings
      3. Use Date Time to calculate or represent date fields 
      4. Int32, int64 are whole numbers
      5. Float is floating point numbers i.e. 1000.45 , Decimal is similar 
      6. The others would be used quite sparingly if not at all 
    4. Data Source – Just make sure it points to “SqlDataSource1” its the “Where Am I getting Data from sort of field”
    5. Data Member – The Table the field will sit under i.e. Service, Service Action, Client Information and also this will govern what fields that can be used in the Expressions section or editor. 
    6. Expression Editor uses some programming to produce calculated fields or fields with Smarts behind them. Press the Ellipses to begin editing.


Working Example & Calculated Field Expressions of the above ATSI Status Diagram:

Remember in plain English the expressions in this case are just saying if my field “Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Status” is equal to a particular value i.e. Yes, Aboriginal I should be ticked (represented by the 1) and if it is not that value I should NOT be ticked (represented by the 0).

ATSI Yes AboriginalIif( [AboriginalAndTorresStraitIslanderStatus] == ‘Yes, Aboriginal’,1 , 0)
ATSI Yes TSIIif( [AboriginalAndTorresStraitIslanderStatus] == ‘Yes, Torres Strait Islander’,1 , 0)
ATSI BothIif( [AboriginalAndTorresStraitIslanderStatus] == ‘Both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’,1 , 0)
ATSI UnknownIif( [AboriginalAndTorresStraitIslanderStatus] == ‘Not stated / inadequately described’,1 , 0)
ATSI NoIif( [AboriginalAndTorresStraitIslanderStatus] == ‘No’,1 ,0)


A screen grab of what these fields looked like in the Field List:

The potential finished field on the Print Screen:

Advanced or “Other” Type of fields video soon: