Help and support

Please contact the CLASS helpdesk if you require further assistance

Before you contact helpdesk, try our common quick fixes:

Email CLCs Australia CLASS Helpdesk

Please include your name, centre, state and contact details. 

Alternatively, please use our new CLASS portal for all requests for support and training. The portal is the most effective way to contact us and to help you most efficiently, including the ability to share screenshots. 

You can use the portal to keep track of your inquiry.

Log in with your email address and you’ll need to follow the password reset flow to get started!

Please note, the username field is case-sensitive, following how your organisation has set your email address up.

You can still send us an email, but please use our new email address

Please amend your address book as the old email address will be disabled next month.

Call CLCs Australia CLASS Helpdesk – 1300 484 498

If the phone is not staffed, leave a message with your name, centre, state and contact details.

Due to work-from-home arrangements, we cannot currently accept incoming calls to the Helpdesk.