DIY Service Client – Ongoing Legal Support

CLASS standard reports currently don’t record figures for Ongoing Legal Support however you can get this information from a DIY Report

The Goal of this DIY report is to get your S11 or S5 results in relation to NLAP


Steps below:

You will need to make a DIY Service Client Report to access that:

  • Go to Reports & Accountability via the bottom left
  • Reports 
  • Type “DIY Service Client” or just “DIY” 
  • Left click the blue text or hyper link for DIY Service Client
  • Review this page for how to add fields if you are unsure (Getting Started with DIYs)

Now assemble your DIY Service Client Report like the below:

Repeat these steps for each field you see on the screen: No of Service, Service Type, Open Date, Close Date, Service Status, Funding Category, Client Type and Client Category.

  • Display the “PivotGrid Field List” by right clicking on white space at the top of the report and select “Show Field List” OR Left clicking on the customize button once via the top right
  • Using the Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F on Windows (Or CMD + F on MAC) type the field name you need such as “Service Type” 
  • From the PivotGrid Field List left click drag and drop the field into the row section of the DIY Report
    • The Exception in this report recipe is Client Category & Client Type which needs to be placed in the filter fields section
  • Set your Start and End date to a Financial Year and Additional Reporting Date to Completed Service see (Filter Panel)
  • Press Load Report
  • Now Filter your fields by left clicking on the grey funnel icon toward the right of the field and ticking relevant items
    • Client Type to “Individual” only
    • Client Category to “Full Client” only
    • Service Type to OnGoing Legal Support

To get your figure for:

  • Services Open During Period – Change your additional reporting date to “Open Date and get the Total
  • Services Closed During Period – Change your additional reporting date to “Close Date” and get the Total
  • Services Open at Start – Change your additional reporting date to “Active Service” and get the Total from that (loosely the counting rule is has an open date before the start of the period and a close date within the period or no close date at all). The definition of this metric is found on the Standard Reporting pages:
  • Annual targets for Ongoing Legal Support – Can be found via Reports & Accountability > Accountability > “Annual Targets” scroll to the bottom and compare results form your DIY report