Security and usage standards for VPNs

You need to follow enhanced security protocols when you are accessing CLASS via a VPN as there is a greater chance of outsiders gaining access to CLASS. This could lead to a serious breach of privacy and legal practice standards.

  • Do not leave your device unattended 
  • Set screens on your device to fade to blank soon after no use using screensaver technology 
  • Make sure your device is password lockable on a short timeframe using security setups 


You also need to follow these guidelines when accessing CLASS via the VPN. 

  • Do not use streaming services such as Spotify, YouTube, Google Play while connected to the CLASS VPN unless this is required for your work. The VPN will experience the highest levels of internet traffic it has ever seen in the coming weeks. Streaming services will slow down performance and increase costs. 
  • Do not carry out illegal actives such as torrenting within the CLASS VPN. These types of activities are monitored by the authorities and CLCs Australia could be liable for any breaches of legislation in connection with the CLASS VPN. 
  • Log out of CLASS once you have finished using it.