CLASS Demo Site

NOTE the login credentials for the DEMO site have just been updated – Email or call the CLASS helpdesk for new demo worker login details

The demo version of CLASS is available! You can get to know the interface and trial entering data. 

Keep in mind

  • There is one log in for everyone – ‘Demo Worker’. This means that many people will be logged in at once. 
  • Demo Worker has mid-level permissions – you will not be able to perform some Administrator functions
  • It is possible someone else is viewing the same record as you at the time time. If this is the case, you will get a message telling you someone else is viewing that record. Be aware that if data on that record changes, it may be because another user is also viewing and editing that record. 
  • The demo site is populated with dummy data, as migrated from a training version of CLSIS and added to by CLASS testers
  • Some parts or fields may be different in your version of CLASS depending on your centre’s customisation of CLSIS
  • The goal of the demo site is to introduce you to CLASS as a database. It is not intended as a DIY training resource but should complement your online training and written/video resources. 
  • The Session Time Out is 60 minutes – you will have to log in again after 1 hour of inactivity.

What to look at & tips

  • General interface, layout and navigation
  • Find a client via Search Clients – try searching by Last Name eg Smith 
  • Find a service via Search Services – try searching by Service Type eg Legal Advice or Court/Tribunal
  • Perform a conflict check via Conflict Check – Make up a client name!
  • Add a Client – Make up a fake person!
  • Add a Service – Any thing you like!