Workers – Standard Fields List

Here is the full list of Standard fields attached to Workers or User Accounts in CLASS.

If a field is not on this list, check Custom Fields. 

NameDescriptionEdit Options
Worker IDAuto Adds + 1 to last worker. Can be edited with numbers or lettersIn Page
TitleAdd, edit, needs a parentTypes & Categories
First Name In Page
Middle Name In Page
Last Name In Page
Preferred Name In Page
PositionAdd, edit, needs a parent – “Position Type” in Types & CategoriesTypes & Categories
Time ZoneSelect Time Zone where worker mostly works. Defaults to office. In Page
ActiveTick box, Untick to deactivate (when they leave)In Page
Terminate AccountAdds “terminated_”prefix to email, frees up old email, and deactivateIn Page
UsernameOnly for workers with attached user accounts. Edit by Edit Login Information buttonNo
Edit Login InformationButton – connects worker to their editable User Account. (if they have one)In Page
Contact PersonEmergency contact details. In Page
Contact NumberEmergency contact details. In Page
RelationshipEmergency contact details. In Page
Special InstructionEmergency contact details. In Page
EmailMain emailIn Page
Email2if others e.g. work  needed.In Page
Email3if others e.g. work  needed.In Page
Business PhoneButton on right selects primaryIn Page
Home PhoneButton on right selects primaryIn Page
Mobile PhoneButton on right selects primaryIn Page
Fax?In Page
IM TypeInstant messenger optionTypes & Categories
IM Login IDInstant messager handleIn page
Preferred Contact MethodEditable at “Contact method Type”Types & Categories
Commencement DateWhen Worker beganIn page
Job description In page
Departure DateIf worker leftIn page
User TypeAccount Only – Worker (normal) or Other (wont show in created by list)  – Must be selected correctly at start, cant be editedNo
LockedAccount Only – Tick box – to prevent changes.In page
Authentication TypeSelect Site default.  Edited with Helpdesk supportIn page
Security PolicySelect Default. Edited with Helpdesk supportIn page

Mandatory Fields 

The following are the default mandatory fields:  

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • User name
  • Email