Troubleshooting CLASS errors and user accounts

A page focusing on commonly faced issues with CLASS user accounts and steps to rectify them.

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Expand the below for solutions to common error messages 

The error above is quite commonly experienced and can be caused by:

  • Incorrect CLASS account setup – the username needs to be an email address (Azure UPN)
  • The individual experiencing the error is currently signed into a Microsoft account that isn’t what CLASS is expecting within their browser e.g. a personal Microsoft email account or different organisational account
  • They are trying to login to the CLASS UAT portal – check the web address at the top of their browser it should be pointing to and not
  • Using a browser that isn’t supported by CLASS – we recommend Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge
  • Their account is terminated in CLASS and the active box is not ticked

First Check the username for the CLASS account:

  1. Go to System Settings
  2. User accounts
  3. Open the person’s account – note: you can filter by display name or email, whichever suits you best
  4. With their account open, look toward the top right and check what is in their username field – this should be their full Email Address (more accuratley their Azure UPN which 95% of the time is just their email address)
  5. If their username is not their full email address at your organisation, click “change username” and paste their email address in (you can normally quickly copy this from their email address field toward the left of their open CLASS record, be wary of trailing or leading space characters).
  6. Now click save and ask the person to log in again – if the issue persists see below.

  1. The username field you need to inspect

  2. The change username link

  3. Ensure the active box is also ticked

  4. Check they aren’t locked on the left-hand side too

Second get the user to test logging in via an incognito or private browsing window:

This is to test for and eliminate the possibility of another Microsoft account logged in-to the browser for the user experiencing the error. If that works, they then need a cache clear to fully alleviate the problem.

The full process is documented here: Clear Cache

Unable to see something in CLASS or use particular functionality?

This is generally caused by CLASS permissions the person is either missing a role or has more than one default role assigned to them such as having CLASS Admin and General staff access both ticked.

Image 1Image 2

Image 1 being unable to see something or use something in CLASS:

In the example via image 1 above the CLASS administrator advanced user will not be able to see the functionality that their role assignment permits due to having General staff access ticked. To fix this another CLASS administrator at your Centre needs to:

  1. Go to System Settings >> System Users
  2. Look for the CLASS admin account that is affected, look up the persons display name
  3. Toward the bottom left of the open system user scroll down to the roles
  4. Un-tick “General Staff Access” and save the record (The least permissible role in CLASS takes priority for what the user can do)
  5. Now the person who was experiencing the issue just needs to log out of CLASS via the top-right and sign back in by pressing the single sign in button at

Image 2 using add-on roles:

The exception to assigning multiple roles to a particular user is using the “Add-on roles” which give permissions in a more modular fashion. Its best practice rather than giving each individual user the most permissions possible is to slowly improve permissions where appropriate as users get more experienced using CLASS and to give them the least permissions that they need to fulfill their role/job.

Read more about roles & permissions here:

Need a password reset?

Post December 2021 CLASS now operates logins through your “Microsoft Tenancy” and Microsoft accounts for your organisation as a result the helpdesk and CLASS itself no longer provides password resets.

You will need to reach out to your IT personnel or people managing your Microsoft accounts for this.

If this is someone within your organisation and they are unsure how to perform this please review this external page.

Note: The exception to this being the Members Portal or if you’ve not rolled over your Microsoft Tenancy from the temporary one provided by the helpdesk back in November 2021 (the emails usually end in

User IP address is invalid error:

The error faced when Supervised User is ticked and the IP is incorrect

The Supervised User box found under the CLASS account via System Settings >> System Users > Open an account top-right


Note: IP addresses are sensitive data so you should use caution when sending and storing this information. Example IP address

To resolve this error this means that the user on their CLASS account has “Supervised User” ticked this is normally used so that Volunteers can only work on CLASS from your office for example or a set of allowed IP addresses you have two ways forward:

  1. If the user is not supposed to be a Supervised User in CLASS go to System Settings >> System Users >> Open their user account
    1. With their user account open look to the top-right and un-tick “Supervised User” per the screenshot above
    2. Save the record and ask the user to login again
  2. If the user is supposed to be a Supervised User and they are working from the office you need to contact the helpdesk and supply us with your Office’s IP address or the IP of the location the person is working from.
    1. To find this out contact your IT provider or in their absence do a Google Search on a few of your machine’s in the office “what is my IP address” and copy the set of period separated numbers and please include that in the email to the helpdesk
    2. The IP address is also visible at the top of this external website often referred to by different helpdesks, send that link to someone and instruct them to send you back their IP.

The user can’t be assigned services (matters) and or actions in CLASS or they can’t see their own matters/services

This means that the user account has not been linked with a worker account in CLASS and their user account is of type “Others” and needs to be “Worker“. If this is a brand-new user account you can go ahead and delete it and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to System Settings (bottom-left) 
  2. Worker Accounts (top-left)
  3. New (top-right)
  4. At minimum enter: first namelast nameemail and save the record 
  5. Wait for the record to load and now press the yellow button “Create System Login” toward the left-hand side of the open record 
  6. Enter their email address as the username and save
  7. Assign only one role out of: CLASS admin, CLASS admin advanced, general staff access, volunteer where appropriate. This is under Roles towards the bottom left of the record you may need to scroll down to see the relevant role to assign.
  8. Save the record
  9. They can now login at 

If it isn’t a new account please ensure the create system login button in the image below has been pressed and the workflow has been completed for the worker – this is if they can login to CLASS but can’t happen to see anything they’ve been assigned their worker and user account is not linked so press the button and follow step 4 above onwards.

Screen shot of an account being marked as “Others”

Screenshot of an account marked as a “Worker” so they can be assigned acitons , matters and other items within CLASS

The create system login button after first saving the worker account with the minimum required information

Can’t create username or worker email or username is already in use:

Error when saving a Worker account with email in-useError when saving a User account with username in-use

Error when saving worker account when email is in-use

Error when saving username when it is already in-use

A requirement for a CLASS user/worker account is that their username and email remain unique this can often be an issue if there is a shared email for e.g. solicitors, volunteers or reception i.e. You as a result will not be able to create a new worker or user account using that email until you “free up” that address by:

  1. Going to System Settings >> System Users >> Filter by username
  2. Open the account its likely to be a former user that is now terminated
  3. In order to change the username you will first have to tick Active 

  4. Now save  

  5. Now press change username to some text e.g. the persons first name and last name and indicate they’ve left 
  6. Save again
  7. Press terminate on the account once more 

  8. Now go about adding your new user + worker account

This is normally when trying to upload an email or Outlook file to CLASS from a MAC computer here is how to get around this issue.

Or this has something to do with the name of your file! As a rule of thumb file naming conventions should not include any special characters besides “_” underscores, “” hyphens and “.” periods (even this can be an issue). Try to avoid any other special characters especially commas ‘,‘ and apostrophe’s ”  “.

Or this has something to do with the type of file try converting it to something commonly used such as a PDF or .DOCX

  1. Have you tried testing the feature or behavior in incognito or private browsing mode? The reason you do this is because it clears out: user preferences, browser extensions and or plugins and finally cached data that may have gone bad/stale.
  2. If you are utilising other software that is causing issues such as Microsoft word try Google searching the error for troubleshooting steps by typing the actual error message out
  3. Try utilising a different machine if available
  4. Guage the impact of the issue if this is effecting several people the problem / issue you should definitely get in touch and include as much information as possible