Using My Services CLASS Module


It is possible to view all Services assigned to you without going to the Search Services screen. 

Note this also applies to the:

  • My Project Services module in Community but substitute the ‘S’ with a ‘Y’ this relies on the Project Service Assigned To field.
  • My Project module in Community but substitute the ‘S’ with a ‘P’ this relies on the Project Assigned To field.
  • Services just rely on the Assigned To field.

Steps to using the “My Services” Module of CLASS:

1. Select “My Services” on the left hand menu of CLASS. Press CLASS on the bottom left if this is not visible initially.

2. The My Services screen is now open but is not showing you’re services by default

3. To load your services now type an ‘S’ into the service ID column and all you’re assigned services will now load. 

This is how to use the My Services screen! 

More advanced usage of this Module in CLASS is that the services can be further filtered in various way:

  1. Highlighted as the first point above in the screen shot. Any column can be filtered on by adding text to it.
  2. As the second point of the screenshot above the Filter Builder can also be used.
  3. The Column Chooser can also be used on this screen to add columns whether they be Standard Fields or Custom Fields.