Standard Reports

Standard Reports are one of the major forms of reports in CLASS. 

Standard Reports work without much input from a user. They are more locked-down like a pre-made spreadsheet, and are designed to provide specific data as simply and as quickly as possible.

By contrast the other main report type called DIY reports require considerable expertise to build in CLASS, but are far more flexible than Standard reports. 

Standard Reports are named with a prefix letter, to indicate what type of Standard report they are:

CClient Counts
SService Counts
MManagement (these created by data from Accountability)
NNational Partnership Agreement (NPA) Reports
PTProblem Type Counts

Note: the M reports for Management, are only used by Centres from States that utilise the Accountability Module. 

Find out more about the following Types of Standard Reports: 

Client Reports

Services Reports

Management Reports

National Partnership Agreements Reports

Problem Type Reports