Secondary Consultation

The Risk Management Guide provides guidance on the difference between providing Information Service and providing Legal Advice to third parties. It states that where the discussions between the Centre and the other agency are held in such a way that:

  • the client is not and cannot be identified, and 
  • there is no disclosure of individual information that would breach client privilege or give rise to an interference (or actuality) of the Centre being regarded as acting for the client, 

then the exchange should be seen as information and not advice. (See Risk Management Guide paragraph 6.7.23, also paragraphs 2.19.5, 6.7.24-27 and 8.5.11-15).

In these cases, you can now record this Information service as a Secondary Consultation.

Secondary consultation services can be added for clients or non-clients. A non-client can be used when you have only delivered an Information or Referral service and can also be used to record a secondary consultation. A non-client requires less information to be entered and is created from the New Intake screen. It also provides the option to delete any client details using the Delete Client Data feature once you close the service.

Centre’s needs to consider the following issues when entering secondary consultations.

Entering as a non-client

  • Each time a new Secondary Consultation service is created through ‘New Intake’ the client will be saved as a new non-client because CLASS does not currently support assigning multiple Information/Referral services to one non-client – this will make it more difficult to track the number of secondary consultations provided to an organisation. 
  • If the Centre has the Delete Client Data feature turned on for Information/Referral services, CLASS will automatically delete client details and the Centre won’t have a record of who the secondary consultation was provided to. 

Entering as a client

  • It must be decided whether to just enter the organisation name, or the organisation name and name of the person who is being assisted in that organisation. 

Secondary consultations will be mapped to Information services for NLAP reporting. 

Secondary consultations are available in the following DIY reports:

  • DIY Service Actions
  • DIY Service Additional Parties
  • DIY Service Client
  • DIY Service Critical Dates
  • DIY Service Documents

Please note that we have mapped any required fields to the Secondary Consultation service type but there may be some fields regularly used by Centres that they would like to be visible on Secondary Consultation services. Any missing fields can be added via Field Mapping and can be added to custom fields using the same method but from inside the Custom Field settings

A DIY recipe for secondary consultations will be provided soon to show the number, and to whom they have been provided.

Please refer to the Information section of the Data Consistency Guide for further information about Secondary Consultations.