Remote Access

CLASS under certain circumstances can be accessed remotely, meaning away from your office. 

Normally CLASS is restricted to use within your Centre office because this is the most secure way to manage the database. CLASS needs very secure access to maintain the highest levels of privacy and confidentiality standards. 

CLASS Helpdesk ‘whitelists’ access to users using each offices internet to allow them through, while banning any other access to the rest of the world. Those attempting to access CLASS from outside can’t even see the login screen. This is a powerful and effective way to block many forms of unauthorised outsiders. 

Remote Access is the only way to step around the ‘whitelist’ roadblock. Using a tool called a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on the device (laptop, tablet, or mobile phone), access is allowed from outside. But users need to take great care in using remote access in a secure way. For example, we cannot have someone steal a device and gain unauthorised access to CLASS. (See Remote Access Security below)

There are two types of Remote Access:

Full Screen Remote Access
 allows certain users with laptops or larger tablets to access a fully functioning full-screen version CLASS.

Mobile Phone Conflict Check App uses Remote Access to provide a cut-down version of CLASS, designed in the small screen style of a phone App. Mobile Phone access provides fast but minimal functionality – it allows the user to run a basic Conflict check search. It is not designed to allow a user to enter new or edit existing data like clients or services.  

Remote Access Security

When using either type of remote access, security is critical. CLASS needs very secure access to maintain the highest level privacy and confidentiality standards. This is why remote access requires an extra layer of security called a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  

To learn more about VPN’s and how to set up access, please see VPN Set Up

Please notify the Helpdesk immediately if devices with VPN access are lost or stolen. 

The Helpdesk number is 1300 484 498.
The Helpdesk can immediately disable the VPN access and keep CLASS safe from unauthorised use.