DIY Reports

Advanced functionality

DIY Reports are an advanced functionality of CLASS. Familiarity with the other report types is recommended before continuing.

The different types are distinguished by different levels of flexibility but also complexity.

  • Standard reports are the most simple and should be examined as a first option.
  • Drill Downs offer more flexibility.
  • DIYs more flexible again but require more planning and knowledge of the data.


DIY Reports are an advanced feature of CLASS, allowing you to build, edit, and save your own tailor-made reports using a drag-and-drop style of interface. They are similar to existing Drilldown reports, but offer much more freedom in structure and fields displayed. Familiarity with Standard and Drilldown reports is recommended before attempting to use DIY Reports.

Key features included in DIY Reports

  • Summing of critical information (e.g. number of clients, number of services, number of actions)
  • Division of output into sub-time periods (e.g. days, weeks, months)
  • Field list of all standard and custom fields in CLASS, including geolocation boundary fields
  • Row, column, data and filter areas to drag-and-drop fields to create different styles of report
  • Rolling predefined date ranges for easy ongoing reports
  • Alternative reporting dates (e.g. service open date, action creation date)
  • Automatic data grouping
  • Save-as, sharing and permission controls
  • Export options