Your CLASS User Account

To login to CLASS

  1. Go to
  2. Use your Microsoft Email provided by your centre as the username more details here
  3. Use the same password you would use to log in to that Microsoft account and or Outlook for example more details here
  4. You should now be logged into CLASS if you get any errors review the below

Before calling or emailing the Helpdesk if you have any issues with logging in such as this common error:

"The Username you’ve entered is incorrect or your account has been deactivated"

Try these options as a workaround:

Browsing in incognito window: (Click here)

Clearing your browser cache: (Click here)

Ask your Centre Administrator if they have followed this process and created your account in CLASS: (Admin Manual)

To get the fastest help from the helpdesk review this page: (Click here)

Who is Responsible for your CLASS account?

This would be your IT team or provider if you need a password reset as you now login to CLASS using your Microsoft Email that they would control.

You’re centre Administrator is responsible for creating a Link between your Microsoft Account and the ability to login to CLASS via the below process: 

CLASS administrators can read more about setting up and managing User Accounts in the Admin Manual.

Other Account Settings:

WCAG Settings: (Read here)

CLASS favouriting: (Read here)

Assistance with Setting up the Microsoft Authenticator App: (Read here)

Your User Account Information Archive

The following is how user accounts historically operated in CLASS – this has changed due to the MFA updated post December 2021.

Logging in for the first time

Once your account has been created by your centre administrator, you need to activate your account and choose a password.

  1. From your CLASS URL, enter your username and select the ‘Can’t Access your Account?’ link.
  2. An email will be sent your inbox containing a link.
  3. Open the link in Chrome. This will prompt a second ‘verification’ email containing a 6 digit code.
  4. Enter the code into relevant field.
  5. Follow the steps to create you password and access CLASS.


Passwords must be at least 8 characters (maximum 20 characters). It must contain a numeral, uppercase letter and a non-alphanumeric character (eg. !@%$).

You should choose a complex password, not based on your name or any other identifying feature.

You may attempt your password 10 times before you are locked out from attempting to log in for 10 minutes. If you have forgotten your password, select ‘Can’t access your account’ or contact your centre administrator, or the Helpdesk.

Security Questions

When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to set up security questions. This ensures that your account is safe and secure.

You may choose from default questions, or create your own.

It is very important to remember your questions and answers as these will be needed if you forget your password.

Forgotten Password

If you cant cant access your account or if you forgot your password click on the Cant access your account? link on CLASS login page. 

Clicking this link will send a reset link to your email with instructions on how to reset your password. 

Note you cannot repeat the same password you previously used and passwords must be at least 8 characters (maximum 20 characters). It must contain a numeral, uppercase letter and a non-alphanumeric character (eg. !@%$).