User Manual

The online guide is the primary resource for CLASS users.  The guide provides a detailed look at essential concepts such as how CLASS works with Clients and Services, and the core functions including User Accounts, Conflict checking, the New Intake procedure, managing Critical Dates and Reminders, and setting up and organising your content and workflows in CLASS. 

The User manual is for general users day to day use. Other sections of the guide provide help for Community Projects, reporting and accountability and admin functions (system and tools). 

As much as possible the User Manual mimics the navigation of CLASS itself.  So help on a particular topic should be found in a menu structure that matches that of the application. 

CLASS is the Community Legal Assistance Services System. It is a web based application, ie centrally hosted and is accessed via the internet. 

CLASS is usually accessed from your office, however remote access is available for use outside the office, such as at court or at an outreach location. For security reasons, special arrangements are required before this can be set up. This is detailed further here.