Reviewing the Triage List

NEW: September 2018: Triage Services can now be added to existing Full-Clients. 

For centres that use the Triage function. From inside the Triage service, users first change the Service type to the desired Full-Service (see Conflict Check changes above for service definitions) then click ‘Conflict Check’ to search carefully for correct existing Full Client. Clicking ‘Existing’ Client button in Conflict check will add your newly transformed service to the existing client. Be careful not to click “New Client” in conflict check, or a duplicate client will be inadvertently created, which will need to be merged.

Once Triage Services have been created, Users need to review the Triage list and decide how to proceed with these new clients/services. 


Some Triage functions and processes are under review to ensure intuitive and consistent handling of data in CLASS

Step 1.Select Triage from the CLASS menu on the left.

The list of current Triage services awaiting actions will be displayed. It will initially be displaying in order or priority. The Priority is chosen at the time of creating the Triage.

  1. You can search the results to find specific names, problem types or display the results by date created. 
  2. To view a Triage service in full, click on the Service ID link.

    From here, you can decide how to proceed with the potential client.
  3. To proceed with creating a client and service:
    1. Change the Service Type from Triage to the relevant Service. Depending on the Service Type you select, some additional fields may be displayed and/or become mandatory.
    2. Select Create Client to proceed with adding the remaining client details in full.
    3. Select Save.
    4. Go to the Client Services tab to view the newly created Service and add more notes, actions or detail.

4. The centre may decided it cannot proceed with providing a service to the person. This may be due to a conflict of interest, no capacity or the problem relates to an area of law not provided by the centre. In this case:

    1. Change the Service Type from Triage to Information or Referral
    2. Add in the relevant Referral details
    3. Select Save Service.
    4. Depending on your Centre’s settings, the client information collected may be retained or deleted. Contact the Helpdesk if you are unsure how your Centre is set up.