Multi-select field options and DIY


The fields within CLASS that allow multi-selection of options affect the way totals and grand totals are counted in DIY reports. 

Multi-select fields in Service Details

Under Service Details tab, there are some fields that allow the users to select multiple field options. Examples are Problem TypeAssigned To, and Disability Status fields.

Unlike other drop down fields that require the users to select one answer only, these fields allow them to select multiple answers. This mechanism affects DIY reports, which is outlined below.  

Multi-select fields in DIY reports

Below screenshot from Search Services shows that S175 has been “Assigned To” two people – Victoria Kim and Alice Jones Rabbitt. There are total of three services performed on the 30/11/2018.

In DIY report, running the report for 30/11/2018 yields 4 (rather than 3 as above) for No of Service Total. This is because DIY report is counting S175 for both individuals under S175. One can see that S175’s Assigned To field includes both Alice Jones Rabbitt and Victoria Kim. S175 Total indicates that there were two individuals who were assigned this Service.

For obvious reasons, if you are looking to find the total count of service delivered on this day, including Assigned To field in this report will not yield the anticipated result, if there are entries with multiple individuals in the Assigned To field. Therefore, if you are looking for a “true” No of Service Total (delivered in the selected date range), Assigned To field should be removed from this report. 

As seen below, hiding the Assigned To field has yielded the correct count of Services delivered on 11/30/2018.

Alternatively, if you simply want the list view of Services “assigned to” different  people, simply remove No of Service from Drop Data Items Here to prevent the report from using this quantifier.

Hiding No of Service from Drop Data Items Here offers the list of Services and people assigned these Services, but no longer counts Services as it did before.

The system logic that affects Assigned To field also affects Problem Types and Disability Status the same way, as seen below. Each Service shows the breakdown of multiple Problem Types or Disability Status types, thus affecting the No of Service Total. As shown above, simply hide No of Service from Drop Data Items Here if you do not wish to see the (misleading) grand total of Services.