Bulk Insert – Referrals and Information

Bulk insert is found via Tools (on the bottom left) > Bulk Insert

What is Bulk Insert Used for?

Users with CLASS Administrator permission can now access the new Bulk Insert tool for the monthly addition of Referral and Information Services. This is found in the CLASS menu: Tools / Bulk Insert. A record is created for each month, divided by Facilitated or Simple Referral Types. You will need to use a different bulk insert for each funding category you use for information and referral. Information Services can be bulk added to either of these categories, via the far right ‘Information Only’ column of the numbers grid, located under the ‘Details’ Tab.

Please note the front page ‘Bulk Insert’ tab of each monthly record has an important tick box called “Locked”. This must be unticked to add or edit numbers in the numbers grid. Once you have completed your record and saved, tick the “Locked” box and Save the record again, as this will add the Information and Services numbers to Service Count reports.

Bulk insert impacts Information figure and Referral figure and affects the following reports:

  • S6.1 Referrals to Simple by Problem Types
  • S6.2 Referrals to Facilitated by Problem Types
  • S11. Services to Annual Targets
  • S05. Services by Funding Category
  • S04.1. Services by High Level Problem Type
  • S10.1 Service Types by Reporting Period
  • S13 Services and Targets by Financial Year
  • S01. Services for Individuals Count (Custom)

Note: that bulk inserts are not counted in DIY reports.

Note: If you cannot see the new Copy Services, Merge Clients or Bulk Information tool please ask your CLASS admin to check your user permissions. Permissions for these new tools may need to be added manually for centres using custom roles.