Finding Data Quickly

It’s possible to find client information fairly quickly. Some of this information can also be edited at the same time, if needs be. There are two ways to find data quickly, and this guide will describe them both. Use whatever works for you.

Method One: Conflict Check

1. Open Conflict Check and run a search for a client.

2. Click on the link in the column “Service”.

From here you are able to see the list of services for this client. You can also click on links to see the actions, additional parties and conflict checks for these services.


3. Click on the link in the column “Actions”.

From here you can see the list of actions for this service. They can now be opened and edited from here as well.


4. Click on the blue link to open the action.

5. Don’t forget to click save (or save and close) once you have finished editing the action. You also might need to click “Design” to edit the description field.

Method One: Option 2

1. Open conflict check and run a search for a client.

2. Scroll all the way to the right, to the end of the columns, until you find the “Actions” column. Click on the link in this column.

3. From here you’ll get a list of services, which can be minimised using the the triangle beside the Service ID. The actions will be listed under each service.

4. Click the link in the “Type” column to open and/or edit the action.

A known issue with this is that the “Actions” column – in the conflict check screen – can’t be moved. It technically can, but once you close the conflict check screen, then open it again later, it’ll be in the original place again, at the end of the columns.


Method Two: Search Services