Step 4: Client Details

What is Intake?

Information and Referral

  1. Collect Basic Intake Details
  2. Additional Parties Conflict Check
  3. Client Conflict Check
  4. Client Details
  5. Service Details

Intake Step 4 is equivalent to completing Client data section. Note that the left column, completed from Step 1, would appear greyed out. This mechanism was adopted in 2018 to ensure historical data is better preserved. If you need to make any changes to the greyed-out section, click on the Additional Details tab after the completion of intake to modify.

Complete the fields in the right column, then click on Save, which will take you to Intake Step 5.

Intake Step 4, as seen above, is equivalent to creating a Client form from the alternative entry process.

Click on “New” from

Fill in the relevant details on the Client form and