When creating a new CLASS account, you’ll need to set a role for the account. You can change the role at any time too.

However, if you set the role for a CLASS account incorrectly, you may not get the level of access to CLASS that you like.

It’s very important to make note of the following;

CLASS has four main roles and only one should be selected.

The four main roles are;

  • Volunteer
  • General Staff Access
  • CLASS Admin
  • CLASS Amin – advanced

This is a screenshot of an account that has been incorrectly set up;

The roles work in the following way;

  • Only one of the four main roles should be selected.
  • The addons can be used in conjunction with any of the four main roles to increase permissions, but not to the next level.
  • The advanced admin account shouldn’t need to use any of the addons, but it won’t matter if they are used.

If you believe you aren’t getting access to the correct things in CLASS, please check the roles of the accounts in question before contacting the helpdesk.