Email Templates

Email templates are used by the mass email function in CLASS. The defaults cannot be edited or deleted. The only way to edit them is to create a new template, through the following steps.


Adding a new Email Template:

Step One

Press the “New” button.

Step Two

Fill out all required fields under “Template Detail”, and press save. Please note that Sender Profile should be filled in. If you do not have any options to select from please contact the CLASS Helpdesk for assistance.

Step Three

Edit your body text and subject line as desired – you can populate existing fields in CLASS in your email template and subject line in order to make your email more meaningful – all you need to do is find the field in the “Data Source” section on the right of your screen and copy the text for the desired field where you would like it to appear in the email. Here is an example of populating the Service ID in the body of an email template:

Step Four

Your new email template should now appear in the list.