New User / General User CLASS Training

CLASS Training for new users and general users of CLASS from 1 February, 2022.

By watching this video you’ll understand what CLASS is, how to access it, and the benefits of consistent data collection. You’ll also be able to:

  • Log in securely
  • Check conflict
  • Perform a New Intake
  • Understand the Clients / Services / Actions screens
  • Enter Critical Dates
  • Copy Services
  • Enter a Triage record
  • Export clients and services
  • Print from CLASS
  • Flag a client
  • Learn basic filtering
  • Update the address for a service
  • Find our documentation and know how to get help.


Use the timestamps below to skip to the content you’re looking for;


0:00 Welcome

3:26 Overview

4:32 History

6:15 Data Consistency

10:28 Logging in and navigation

15:30 Conflict Checking

19:06 New Intake

40:23 Clients, service and actions

01:04:16 Data consistency guide

01:07:20 Alternate Intake

01:11:00 Copying services

01:15:13 Triage

01:24:06 Critical Dates

01:30:23 Filter Builder

01:33:37 Exporting, printing and flagging

01:41:24 Geolocation and retagging

01:45:44 Finding documentation and getting help

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