Service Data Descriptions

Please note this is not a complete list of every field on the Service screen, but a focus on new or re-named fields. 



CLSIS Equivalent

Service ID 

Autogenerated unique ID number when the Service is created. Activity ID 
Matter ID Unique ID only present for Services migrated from CLSIS. Matter ID

Client Name

A link to the associated Client screen.

View Client

Assigned To

The Worker/s assigned to work on the Service. Worker Name

Created By

The User who created the entry in CLASS. This defaults to the User currently logged in. -
Keywords 'Tag' or label the Client or Service record to highlight particular characteristics or references, such as potential case study or projects. -

View Conflicts

Display a history of conflict searches and results -
Estimated Time Spent The amount of time involved in the conduct of the Service Case Hours

Financial Disadvantage Indicator

Drop down to select the Client's financial disadvantage status, in accordance with reporting under the National Partnership Agreement.


Disability Status Existence and type of disability Disability Indicator AND Disability Type
Archive Date The date on which the Service was archived Archive Date

Archive Box Number

Text field to record relevant centre archive box Archive Box Number
Simple Referral To The external person, organisation or agency to which the Client was referred for assistance Referral To
Facilitated Referral To The external person, organisation or agency to which the User directly assists the Client to make contact with Referral To
Reason for Referral The reason for which the Client or person was referred to an external person, organisation or agency for assistance Reason for Referral
Referred From The person, organisation or agency which referred the person to the Service Provider to request assistance with their problem Referral from
Family Violence Indicator Client self-identifies family violence status Domestic Violence Indicator
Homelessness Status Client self-identifies homelessness status Risk of Homelessness Indicator
Relationship Status The Client's relationship status Family Type
Number of dependent children

The Client's number of children under 18 years old

Family Type
Number of other dependents The number of other dependents of the Client -