CLASS import tool

Updated: 17 August 2022

The CLASS Import Tool 

  • Was built by CLCs Australia to import reporting and other data into CLASS using an automated file transfer process 
  • Designed for Centres not using CLASS as their day-to-day case management system (CMS) 
  • Can be configured for any CMS including Actionstep, CSNet and Salesforce  
  • Requires a vendor to implement the CLASS import tool in their CMS.  

The following Developer Guidelines provide guidance on implementing the CLASS import tool. Note that they are frequently updated. Check this page regularly to ensure you have the latest version of the guidelines. 

Important note For Centres who receive funding provided by the National Legal Assistance Partnership: 

  • ActionStep are currently testing the CLASS Import Tool.
  • CSNet have been importing with the CLASS Import Tool for Tenants Queensland since September 2021.
  • You must check that the vendor has implemented the CLASS import tool before adopting a new CMS.
  • Without the import tool your Centre will have to manually enter data into CLASS for funding purposes. 
  • Your Centre is responsible for ensuring that any CMS it chooses has implemented the CLASS import tool successfully.
  • CLCs Australia is working with a number of Centres and vendors to assist them to implement the CLASS import tool.
  • CLCs Australia is not responsible for implementing the CLASS import tool for another CMS.
  • The vendor of another CMS can implement the CLASS import tool for their CMS.
  • Ask the CMS vendors when they will implement the CLASS import tool.

Thinking about adopting a new CMS?  

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