10 September 2018

Welcome to the CLASS news bulletin, where we’ll keep you regularly updated on CLASS news, handy tips, issues, fixes, and improvements.

Welcome to Part 2 of the September 2018 Major Update information.

Part 1 of the Major Update information, and the associated 10 minute video remains essential reading (or viewing) for all users, as it walks through some critical changes to how CLASS works – if you still need to catch up you can find this info available here.
This week’s major update contained some additional changes, including 120 minor bug fixes and enhancements, as well as those listed below:

Tips and TricksDocument management limit has been increased to 200mb. Changes have been made to Client Details. CLASS users now must use Additional Details tab to edit client details such as addresses, phone numbers and emails rather than from the main Client Details page. This change was made to prevent users from saving new information over past data, for the end of improving the accuracy of historical data. This, in turn, is expected to improve the accuracy of Conflict Check. More information on ‘how to’ is available here. To search for Client ID in Search Clients, click on Show All button first before using the Client ID filter column. More information on searching for a Client is here.

Simpler Delete Process

Users with CLASS Administrator permission can more easily delete Clients and Services. All Services must be deleted prior to deleting Clients. Use with great care.

More information available here.

Actions – Reminder and Critical Dates Overhaul

Updates have been made to streamline the way Service Actions handle Reminders and Critical Dates.

Reminders (emails) and Critical dates (lists) provide a way to keep track of actions like appointments, limitation dates and court attendances. The actions are saved in a client service.

Reminders are emails that get sent to the assigned worker.  Critical dates are records listed (in a tab) in the service record. Reminder emails and critical dates records are generated if an action has a due date or reminder date.

Optionally, calendar files can be attached to the reminder emails so they can be added to work calendars. 
NB. Critical dates that are assigned to you can be viewed in ‘My Critical dates’ which is one of the main user menu options. 
More details about reminders and critical dates are available in the online guide here.

‘Search Service’ Updates

The Search Service function now has new fields available: Funding Categories, Office Location, and Outreach Location. As usual, drag fields you do or don’t require into the columns from the Customise / Column chooser.

NB: More columns will work best on wider computer monitors.

More information available here.

Information and Referral Services can now be added to existing Full-Clients

Users with correct permissions can now add Information and Referrals to existing Full-Clients, directly from the Clients Client Services Tab. However, creating these two services from the Intake will still create a duplicate Non-Client record, so if not intended, this approach is to be avoided, or a client merge will be required (for more information see here).

Smart Phone – Optimised Theme for Fast Conflict Check

 Users with smart phone access (using VPN remote access) will now see a theme optimised for fast Conflict Checking.

New Referral Reports

The following new Referral Reports are now available:
These reports are not specifically about the ‘referral’ service type. They report on the ‘Referred from’ and ‘Referral to’ fields that appear across ALL service types.
Please click on the report name below for more information about each report. 

S 06.1 Referrals to Simple by Problem Types

S 06.2 Referrals to Facilitated by Problem Types

S 06.3 Referrals From by Problem Type

Accountability Fixes

There have been several updates to the Accountability module, for those centres that use it,  including some adjustments to formulas for financial reports and improvements to printing on many Accountability reports.

The known issue whereby some accountability report ID’s would be duplicated has been fixed.  This will no longer occur, and historic reports that experienced this issue have had a suffix attached to differentiate.

DIY Reports – Coming Soon

Users with administrative permissions may see a new set of Reports with the DIY prefix.

These Do It Yourself (DIY) reports are complex and currently being retested in the ‘live’ environment. We will let you know when they are fully functional and available.

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