1 February 2018

Welcome to the CLASS news bulletin, where we’ll keep you regularly updated on CLASS news, handy tips, issues, fixes, and improvements.

NPA Reporting

As you know, the NPA reporting deadline was 31 January 2018. Please ensure that you are up to date with data entry for the period 1 July to 31 December 2017.

To check your progress against the NPA Performance Benchmark, you can run the report and check your data entry by following these simple steps, here.

CLASS Team Changes

Our CLASS Training and Project Officer Koumbah will be leaving us on Friday 2nd February, after joining the CLASS Team in June 2017.

James and Victoria are taking over the reins as the new CLASS Training and Project Officers, as well as our part-time Helpdesk Support Officer, Sam.

Koumbah would like to thank all of the lovely people she has come to know throughout our sector via the Helpdesk and Training.


CLASS in 2018

The CLASS Team wrapped up a huge year in 2017. In 2016 the sector faced the prospect of a decommissioned CLSIS. In March 2017, we completed enough basic functionality and went live, rapidly rolling out CLASS to over 170 centres across Australia.

In a relatively short time, the CLASS Team, with much valued sector contribution, have been able to establish this replacement for CLSIS. However, as many of you are well aware, there are still key features and improvements yet to be introduced. We know reporting is your number one priority, and it’s ours too.

We will be sending out a CLASS update on reporting and key features over the coming weeks to keep you informed of the progress from the CLASS developers. But for our first edition for 2018, we’d like to let you know about just a few of the many features in the pipe for this year.


The CLASS Team’s primary focus is the release of CLASS custom reports to replace previous SQL data query reports in CLSIS. There are approximately 60 reports yet to be released, and currently in development. Once the reports are finalised, the CLASS Team will carry out vigorous testing before releasing them.

As well as data query reports (known as Build Your Own Reports) centres will also be able to save specific searches for the easy retrieval of centre specific data. With the finalisation of the reports module, centres will be able to report on any and all fields in CLASS – including custom fields.

Copy Services

One of the most requested features is the introduction of a tool that will assist users and reduce data entry time when creating services. The CLASS Team and developer are working on the production of a ‘Copy Service’ tool to copy the essential details of a service so as to save time when creating services for repeat clients; who, for example, receive a number of legal advices on the same legal problem.

The user will have the ability to copy a service’s essential details, producing a new one with certain fields prefilled with that of the original service, e.g funding category, problem type, additional parties (other and related), disadvantage indicators etc.

Enhanced Geo-location

With the introduction of enhanced geolocation features in CLASS, centres will be able to track and report on client and service delivery using factors such as electoral divisions (from Commonwealth to local government), ABS statistical areas (e.g SA1s & SA2s etc), and remoteness.

CLASS Team Network Engineer

As the CLASS project matures, the CLASS Team is committed to improving system performance. As a result of sector discussions and centre feedback, the CLASS Team will shortly be engaging an independent network engineer to lead investigations and analysis into increasing speed and reliability.

The project will collaborate initially with the small number of centres with issues that provide good potential areas for improvement. This comprehensive investigation will assess factors such as speed and connection issues.

Quick Tips

Using Services for the Community: Projects and Service

CLASS Helpdesk has had a number of enquires about using the Community module in CLASS. The Community module was designed to allow users to enter activities relating to Services for the Community – part of the National Data Standards.

These Services for the Community must be created as Project Services and grouped under Projects in the Community module. Projects can be thought of as the theme, and Project Services as an activity, event, publication or meeting that has been produced for the purpose of the project.

Just as multiple services can be attached to a client, multiple Project Services can be created under a Project. Service types include, CLE Activities; CLE Resources; Stakeholder Engagement; Community Education; and Law and Legal Services Reform. It is these services that will be counted on the S11 and N3.2 reports.

However, note that S11 and N3.2 do not report on Projects, only the Project Services within a Project. So, unless a user creates a Project Service within a given Project, the data entered in the Project will not be counted for reporting purposes.

An example of correct data entry might be:

1. Project: Domestic Violence Awareness.
– a. Service / CLE Resources: Developing an information brochure.
– b. Service / CLE Activities: Handing out brochure during a community event.

For more information and guidance, check out our Community manual, here.

Demonstration Site

CLASS admins may not be aware that they have the ability to access a demonstration site for CLASS. Admins can use this site for practice and to test customisations they’d like to make in CLASS before making changes in their own Centre’s database.

To obtain the log in details for the CLASS demo site, please email the Helpdesk at


Training in 2018 – New training dates!

The CLASS Training calendar has been updated for the next 6 months. We are now offering training for:

  • Introduction to CLASS
  • CLASS Administrators training
  • Services for the Community training
  • Reporting & Accountability

You can see our training calendar here or head straight to the registration page to register for training courses.

The CLASS Team are also developing a training schedule for face-to-face training for centres around the country. We will provide more details in the next edition of CLASS News.

Suggestions & Feedback…

We’d like to thank CLASS users for sharing their feedback and suggestions throughout its roll out. Your suggestions and feedback contribute to the continued development and usability of CLASS. If you have suggestions, questions, or feedback; please email us at

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