7 August 2017

Welcome to the CLASS news bulletin, where we’ll keep you regularly updated on CLASS news, handy tips, issues, fixes, and improvements.

Big News! Document Management

The CLASS Team will begin its roll out of the CLASS Document Management System (DMS) for centres, beginning this week.

The Document Management feature allows Users to upload and attach documents to both clients and services, e.g ID documents, case notes, medical records etc. This is an exciting feature for CLASS Users; assisting centres in better client service management.

Importantly, Users will have the option to quickly share links to other CLASS Users and download stored documents; saving time and offering the potential for centres to better streamline their record keeping processes.

Document Management will initially be rolled out to Centres who elect to opt in to the feature. The staggered release will allow the CLASS Team to assess demand and gain further usage statistics so as to ensure its successful rollout.

USER TIP: Users already taking advantage of the Actions feature in services, can now directly link to documents on CLASS.

Read more about DMS here:

#NACLC17 Conference CLASS Sessions

The CLASS Team will be running three sessions at the NACLC Conference this week:

  • CLASS Project Overview, Thursday Session 21

All the latest on the CLASS database including updates on reporting, document management and workflow improvements. News on recent bug fixes, and an updated timeline for outstanding issues, tools, and features still to be delivered. There will also be time for user feedback, ideas and questions.

  • CLASS Hands-on Training for Users, Wednesday IT Session 6

This session is for CLASS users looking for a hands-on introductory style session on how to use CLASS, including time for your questions.

  • CLASS Hands-on Training for CLASS Admins, Thursday IT Session 18

This session is for CLASS Administrators. The session will involve a walk through more advanced functions of CLASS, such as set up and ongoing maintenance for your centre. The session will also cover the importance of maintaining security standards. There will also be time for Admin feedback, ideas, and questions.

Download the agenda here.

Accountability / Financial Reporting

The Accountability Module provides the ability for Centres to submit their financial and progress reports, as well as annual targets, to government reporting bodies. This Module is up and running, however a couple of steps are required before Centres can use it.

First, state/territory program managers need to set the due dates for each report. We are working with program managers to get this happening asap. The time frame for this will depend on each state/territory program manager.

Second, the Helpdesk will adjust your User permissions to allow your CLASS Administrator to see the Accountability menu and start using it. We will be changing permissions of the primary administrator at each centre to make this happen. We will contact these Users once the module is available to them. If the CLASS Administrator is not the person that submits accountability data at your centre, please contact the Helpdesk and request that permission. Again, the timeframe for this will depend on each state/territory program manager.

Finally, NACLC will providing assistance to Centres in how to enter the data. If you were familiar with this process in CLSIS, it will not be very different.

In most states, submission of these reports must be done by the end of August. We will be working with program managers and centres over the next few weeks to make this happen.

Please contact your program manager, or the Helpdesk, if you have any queries about when accountability reports are due or any other query.


Online Training Sessions including CLASS Community Projects Training

Register for Introduction to CLASS, CLASS Administrators training, and the new CLASS Community Projects here:

Read our Training Modules Outline on the CLASS Online Guide here:


We’d like to thank CLASS users for sharing their feedback and suggestions throughout its roll out. Your suggestions and feedback contribute to the continued development and usability of CLASS. If you have suggestions, questions, or feedback; please email us at

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