7 May 2018

Welcome to the CLASS news bulletin, where we’ll keep you regularly updated on CLASS news, handy tips, issues, fixes, and improvements.

Major Update

The CLCs Australia CLASS team are pleased to announce that the first of 5 major updates has now been successfully deployed to your production CLASS environment. In addition, the next 3 major updates have been built and are in full test mode with the CLCs Australia  CLASS testing team. Testing is progressing well and the next release is expected to be available in the next couple of weeks.

What is Release 1?

The major focus has been on fixing important issues with existing CLASS reports and the accountability functions. There are also 23 new reports now available to Centres, and where appropriate, also to State Program Managers.

So let’s look at the detail:

Bug Fixes

The full list of bug fixes can be found in the Documentation here.

Highlights include:

* Removing duplicate rows that were appearing in Accountability annual targets.

* The Consolidated Tabs in Accountability reports are now adding things up correctly.

There have been multiple fixes to the Important report S05 Services by Funding Category, including a number that were causing confusion due to what appeared to be inconsistent counting. Many of the existing reports have been correctly renamed in accordance with the updated Report code and naming conventions. You can read all about that and where the former CLSIS reports have ended up in the documentation here.

There was also an important fix relating to the counting of referrals in some reports.

New Reports and Report functionality

One big fix is that the Reports and Accountability Menu in CLASS now correctly directs users (with correct access permissions) to Reports or Accountability.

Many of the existing reports now have a new filter called Catchment, which allows Centres to run the report based on a single Office or Outreach location. An example of this can be seen in the new report: C03 – Clients by Priority Group (custom). This report is similar to C01 – Clients by Priority Group, but new filters such as ‘Catchment’ allow the totals to be broken down to Office location or Outreach. That report also allows for demographic filtering, so for example, the totals could be further broken down to eg only Female Clients.

The New reports have updated documentation, and all the latest detailed information is available here.

And then by clicking into the documentation menus for the appropriate Report type.

There are 6 new S, or Service Type Reports:

* S09 Representation Services Duration by Percentage

* S10.1 Services Types by Reporting Period

* S10.2 Legal Advice – Mode of Delivery by Reporting Period

* S13 Services and Targets by Financial Year

* S14. Services with Public Interest Indicator

* S16. Child Support Services to Clients

There 5 new C, or Client Type Reports

* C02. Clients by Priority Group (percentage)

* C03. Clients by Priority Group (custom)

* C04. Clients by Priority Group (single)

* C06. Clients by Law Type

* C07 Clients by Parent Level Funding Category

And there are 12 new M or Management type reports:
(For States, Territories and SPMs that use the Accountability module)

* M01.1 Reporting Requirements (Triennial)

* M02. Reporting Requirements (Triennial Progress)

* M06.1 Accountability Progress Report (Submitted)

* M06.2 Accountability Progress Report (Overdue)

* M04.1 Accountability Annual Report (Submitted)

* M04.2 Accountability Annual Report (Overdue)

* M05.1 Accountability Funds Report (Submitted)

* M05.2 Accountability Funds Report (Overdue)

* M07. Funding Ratio

* M08. Data Submission – Timeliness of Completion

* M10. Annual Budget

* M11. Funds Report

Reporting Any Glitches

While the CLCs Australia CLASS team have spent many weeks testing as thoroughly as possible before release, sometimes things are only found after centres start using them in your real world environment. So if you think something doesn’t look right, please let the helpdesk team know as quickly as possible. And as always you can contact the helpdesk if you need any help understanding any of these new features, and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Call Helpdesk: 1300 484 498 
Email Helpdesk:
(As always please include your name, centre, state and contact details, so we can get back to you.)


Did you know we host regular online training sessions for all CLASS users? Both new and longterm users will find helpful tips and tricks on getting the most out of CLASS, including important information on all of the new updates, reporting and data standards compliance.

Upcoming training sessions:
(All times are AEST)

Introduction To CLASS (90min)
Monday, 7 May @ 2pm
Tuesday, 22 May @ 2:15pm
Tuesday, 5 June @ 11am

Community Training (45min)
Tuesday, 8 May @ 11am
Monday, 4 June @ 2:15pm

Admin Training (90min)
Monday, 14 May @ 2pm
Thursday, 31 May @ 2:15pm

Accountability Training (30min)
Wednesday, 16 May @ 1pm
Monday, 28 May @ 3pm

Reports Training (45min)
Wednesday, 16 May @ 3pm
Monday, 28 May @ 1pm

Click here for easy registration to the training sessions.

Suggestions & Feedback

We’d like to thank CLASS users for sharing their feedback and suggestions throughout its roll out. Your suggestions and feedback contribute to the continued development and usability of CLASS. If you have suggestions, questions, or feedback; please email us at

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