29 November 2017

Welcome to the CLASS news bulletin, where we’ll keep you regularly updated on CLASS news, handy tips, issues, fixes, and improvements.

Welcome to the November reporting update edition of CLASS News.

 CLASS Focus

Reporting Update

CLASS reporting continues to be the primary focus for CLCs Australia and the CLASS team. As many would know, there are a number of reports now in CLASS that enable State and Territory governments to meet their obligations under the National Partnership Agreement. CLCs Australia prioritised delivering these reports first as they ensure that funding for CLCs will flow from the Commonwealth to the States/Territories and then to your Centre.

There are a large number of reports still outstanding and, in particular, the ability for Centres to create their own ‘DIY’ customised reports (like the old Data Query System in CLSIS), which are not yet available.

Based on information provided by the developer, we had hoped that both of these functions would have been fully implemented by now.

We have previously indicated that the next round of reports would be available by the end of November. Unfortunately, this time frame will not be met. 

CLCs Australia understands what this means for Centres – we know that many of you have found it difficult to produce annual reports, report to non-NPA funders, and apply for grants. We have worked hard to achieve the 30 November 2017 timeframe and to give you the functionality that you need. But despite our best efforts this has not been possible. We continue to work closely and rigorously with the developer to have these functions delivered as soon as possible.

In an attempt to assist meeting some of the most immediate reporting needs, CLCs Australia is now actively pursuing the provision of enhanced ‘Service Counts’ (Report S5) and ‘Search Services’ functions with Centre level (Level 3) Funding Categories. This means that in the interim, you will be able to both provide service counts for a particular funder and search for services by your centre created funding categories

How CLCs Australia can Support You

We sincerely apologise for the impact that the delay in delivering the full range of reporting will have on your Centre. We will do whatever we can to support you while these additional reporting functions are in development.

We will keep State Program Managers, Commonwealth AGD and PMC up to date with our delivery timeline.

We also understand that different centres report to other funding bodies as well. Since data migration, Centres are only able to provide limited reporting to these funders due to the inability in CLASS to drill down to the Level 3 Funding Categories (ie a specific funder).

CLCs Australia can assist your Centre during this time by making direct contact with any funder on a Centre’s behalf. Please contact the Help Desk with the details if you want CLCs Australia to contact a particular funder on your behalf.

Below is a letter that you can provide to a non-NPA funding body (we will already let the SPMs and AGD know what is happening). If you need a more specific letter, please contact the CLASS Helpdesk with any specific wording you require.

If there is any other way that CLCs Australia can support you while you do not have access to the full range of reporting, please let us know. We will keep you updated on the progress and timeline as soon as further information is available.

Letter to Funders



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Improvements to Current Reports

We have recently deployed a number of further improvements to the current reports module in CLASS after feedback from Centres. Thank you to everyone who let us know what needed to work better. What follows is the list of latest round of updates.

Legal Tasks Now Counted by ‘Open Date’

We discovered that there was a bug in the counting of Legal Tasks that affected some Centres. We have worked with the developer to revise the code and can now assure you that whenever there is a count of Legal Tasks the reference is to the ‘Open Date’.So if you run a report to count Legal Tasks between 1 January to 30 June, the report will count the Legal Tasks that were opened during this period. 

Report Count Formulas

We have also optimised the formulas in relation to Total Clients, Total Legal Advices and Total Legal Tasks. The Total Clients count in report S11 (formerly CA11) added New + Existing + Repeat Clients. However, clients can be both Repeat and Existing which meant the total involved some double counting. This has been fixed. 

We also found that Legal Advices and Legal Tasks were not being counted when the ‘Mode of Service Delivery’ was not defined. This also has been fixed so now all of these services are correctly counted.

PT1 Top 20 Problem Types

The Report PT1 Top 20 Problem Types has also been improved. The ‘Problem Types’ report will now include your centre-level problem types, rather than solely from their upper-level parent problem types.

This is especially helpful for centres who have created custom problem types; who were previously unable to reflect their core service delivery accurately.

Repeating Column Header Glitch

We have also begun fixing a glitch where column headers on reports are not repeating across multiple pages. These changes make viewing much easier when dealing with longer reports. Users may have noted that the S5 Services by Funding Category Report has already been fixed. We will continue to roll out these improvements to the rest of Batch 1 reports. 

More information on the November Report changes to reporting can be found here: Reports Improvements.

Enhanced Development Tools

The CLASS team are also pleased to let you know that we are working with the developer to streamline the CLASS development pipeline, and enable faster, and less disruptive code updates. This new testing system will come online in the next few weeks.


Register for Training

The online training modules have recently been reviewed and a newly updated Introduction to CLASS online training course is now available. The next training session is scheduled for Thursday 7th and Wednesday 13th December and is open for registrations.

Have a look at the training calendar, or head straight to the registration page to register.

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