26 July 2017

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There will be a number of reports in CLASS that will be equivalent to what was available to State Program Managers in CLSIS. They enable State and Territory governments to meet their obligations under the National Partnership Agreement. The NACLC CLASS Team prioritised delivering these reports first as they ensure that funding for CLCs will flow from the Commonwealth to the States/Territories and then to your Centre.

How NACLC Can Support You

We understand that these delays are unacceptable. We have been, and continue to be, in discussion with your State Program Manager to ensure that your NPA/CLSP funding is not at risk. We understand that different centres report to other funding bodies as well.

If needed, please contact Liz Dods – – so that NACLC can provide you with a letter explaining the delay in your ability to provide a report. If there is any other way that NACLC can support you while you do not have access to reporting, please let Liz Dods know.

CLASS User Tips

Creating Clients & Services in CLASS

Because each Centre is unique, CLASS was designed to provide multiple ways to create new clients and services in CLASS to reflect the different needs of different centres. We thought we’d take the chance to highlight these intake methods. Depending on your Centre and its legal assistance delivery, each of these options may be more or less appropriate to the way you do client intake.

New Intake

Intake is a 5-step process, that includes conflict checking, as prompted steps. This is great to use for new clients and when you want to ensure conflict checking; as users can create a client, a service and conflict check all parties all in one process. You can also use New Intake for existing clients, with the option to update new details as primary or additional.


Triage is a new way to temporarily categorise clients or services when you might not be sure if you can help, or what type of service a client might need. It can also be used as a waiting bay for new clients who have not yet attended their appointment. Currently, Triage can only be created in New Intake and for new clients only. However, the CLASS team is working on extending triage to current clients as well.

New Client

New Clients can be created quickly and easily via the Search Clients function by clicking on the New button from within Search Clients. This is helpful when a Centre knows that the person they are assisting is a previous client, that there is no conflict and they do not want to enter new client information, as in New Intake.

New Service

Once a client is found via Conflict Check or Search Clients, creating a new service is as opening you client details page, viewing their services from the client Services tab and clicking on the New button within their Services list.

Read more about each feature by clicking on the links in our Links & Recent Manual Updates menu.

Recent CLASS Issues

Account Set Up Glitch

The CLASS Team has identified a common obstacle for Centre admins setting up new accounts or resetting passwords. Make sure you are only logged into one CLASS account on the same browser (e.g not switching between multiple tabs). When activating a new account or performing a password reset for another user, make sure you log out of your accounts first.

If you are logged into another account or multiple accounts while activating a new account, or performing a password reset, you may receive error messages.


#NACLC17 Conference

There will be three CLASS sessions held at the NACLC Conference, including two hands on tutorials. Users and Administrators will be offered in-person training, including time for questions. NACLC will also be holding a CLASS Project Overview session, which will include important new feature introductions, project delivery timelines and question time.

We will update CLASS users in our next CLASS News.

Online Training Sessions including CLASS Community Projects Training

Register for Introduction to CLASS, CLASS Administrators training, and the new CLASS Community Projects here: 

Read our Training Modules Outline on the CLASS Online Guide here: 

CLASS Updates

Read all of our CLASS updates detailing the latest fixes on the CLASS Online Guide, including the most recent update on 24 June 2017 here: 


We’d like to thank CLASS users for sharing their feedback and suggestions throughout its roll out. Your suggestions and feedback contribute to the continued development and usability of CLASS. If you have suggestions, questions, or feedback; please email us at

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