28 September 2018

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After 12 months of design, development, and testing, the CLCs Australia CLASS team are very pleased to announce the delivery of the long awaited Do It Yourself (DIY) Reports.

These reports complement other recent advancements in existing CLASS reports such as geo-tagging of clients and services by administrative boundaries, and the ability to filter by demographics and priority groups to provide a full suite of reporting functionality.

DIY Reports allow centres to build, edit, and save your own tailor-made reports using a drag-and-drop style interface. They are a major advancement for CLASS Reporting and provide far greater flexibility in data selection and presentation options:

  • Counts of services, clients, actions, or documents.
  • List views of names and IDs of particular clients and services.
  • Present results by time, or sub-time periods e.g. by Financial Year broken down by months.
  • Filtering in multiple dimensions, eg by geolocation, administrative boundary, and Priority group and Outreach location, perhaps all at the same time.

Getting Started

The CLCs Australia CLASS team have built comprehensive collection of video and written documentation in the DIY Reports section of the Reporting and Accountability chapter of the User Guide here.

We highly recommend you start with the 14 minute video:

CLASS DIY Reports – An Introduction

Designing your DIY Reports

Due to the flexibility of these reports, one of the most important and first things to look at is the design and purpose of your report before you begin experimenting.

A comprehensive How To Guide is available here and we strongly encourage you to have a look at this page before you get started. Start small and build up to full results once you’re sure the report is providing what you need.

A number of DIY Templates are available which form the basis of any DIY Report. More information is here about all the current templates and the unique fields are available in each report template.

DIY Recipes – Step by Step Guides

The CLASS team have been cooking up some DIY Recipes to help get you started.

Recipes include a video and written documentation to clearly step you through how to build the most commonly requested DIY reports. Have a browse through the available list here.

If you don’t find one for a report that you need, please contact the Help Desk. We will add more recipes as we hear about popular requests. We also encourage centres to share with the Help Desk team your own useful recipes so other centres can build them too.


As always, the CLASS helpdesk team are available to help when you are getting started with DIY Reports. If demand is particularly high, we will introduce an appointment booking system to provide focused support. Any centres that need reports urgently for current or potential funding requirements will be prioritised.

Additional Note

Please keep in mind this is the first release of DIY reports.

While they have been thoroughly tested, some of your questions and issues may uncover a glitch or a bug. The CLASS team look forward to working together with you to fix any bugs and prioritise improvements.

Call Helpdesk: 1300 484 498 
Email Helpdesk:
(As always please include your name, centre, state and contact details, so we can get back to you.)

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