Case Study:

Sunila family dispute resolution

Sunila is in dispute with her former partner over relationship related debt and the custody of her three children following a recent separation. A Family Dispute Resolution conference has been scheduled. Sunila contacts a Centre for support. The Centre decides that as Sunila is vulnerable, they will support and represent her in the mediation. The Centre opens a Dispute Resolution Service, and provides information, advice and support to prepare documents to enable Sunila to participate in the Facilitated Dispute Resolution conference. The Service also attends the conference with Sunila.

There are several different legal subject matters that arise while the Centre prepares Sunila for the conference, including parenting, family law property, child support, and debts arising from her relationship. All advices and legal tasks undertaken in relation to these are subsumed within the Dispute Resolution Service.

While waiting for the date of the conference, Sunila seeks advice from her lawyer about a separate tenancy issue unrelated to her former partner. As this matter has no direct link to her participation in the Dispute Resolution process, nor to the former partner, this further Legal Advice is counted separately.