Case Study:

Maia tenancy matter

Maia receives a Notice of Hearing for rent arrears in the Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Maia contacts her local Centre, who provides her with Legal Advice. Maia is a single mother with three children, on a low income, reliant on casual work and Centrelink benefits. The Centre decides to represent Maia as she is at risk of homelessness. The Centre opens a Court/Tribunal Representation Service. The Centre immediately writes to the real estate agent, seeking a settlement, advising that Maia will begin paying off the rent arrears by an additional $20 per week. The agent agrees in writing to withdraw the rent arrears application in exchange for the repayment plan. The Centre emails the paperwork to the Tribunal. The Tribunal issues orders to this effect.

Although the Centre did not end up attending the Tribunal at any stage, and the matter settled prior to hearing, the matter is still characterised as a Court/Tribunal Representation Service. This is because at the time of opening the Representation Service, the matter was listed in the Tribunal.