Case Study:

Fleur non-legal support

Fleur attends a Family Violence Prevention Legal Service. During the course of receiving Legal Advice in relation to parenting arrangements with her children’s father, Fleur is referred by her lawyer to the Service’s social worker. The social worker provides her with one session of counselling (Non-Legal Support Service)

A week after the initial counselling session, the Service’s staff meet to discuss Fleur’s circumstances and the range of support they can provide. It is agreed that Fleur will be represented by the Centre in relation to her parenting dispute, and will also receive ongoing trauma counselling.

The Service opens a Court/Tribunal Representation Service and an Ongoing Non-Legal Support Service  (note: the initial Legal Advice and Non-Legal Support Service have already been separately recorded.)

Fleur continues to visit counselling sessions for a few weeks whilst the Family Law Court decides what is in the best interests of the children.  During a counselling session, it is identified that Fleur needs support with budgeting and managing debts. Fleur is referred to a financial counsellor for an initial appointment in relation to Fleur’s rent and other financial commitments. This is one Non-Legal Support Service. Several weeks later, Fleur visits the financial counsellor again for a second appointment. This is an additional Non-Legal Support Service.

Fleur has thus received the following separate services from the FVPLS:

  •     Legal Advice x 1
  •     Non-Legal Support Service – trauma counselling session
  •     Ongoing Non-Legal Support Service – trauma counselling
  •     Court/Tribunal Representation Service
  •     Non-Legal Support Service – financial counselling x 2