Case Study:

Separate services for Paulina

Paulina sees a Duty Lawyer at the Family Court in relation to a parenting matter. Paulina is a migrant who speaks English as a second language and is currently experiencing financial hardship due to the break-up of her relationship. The Service Provider gives Paulina advice and appears for her in the mention of the matter set down for that day. This is counted as one Duty Lawyer Service. However, while spending time with Paulina, the Service Provider discovers that an insurance company is pursuing her for an alleged debt in relation to a car accident that she was involved in a few months earlier. The Service Provider decides that it can support Paulina in dealing with the insurance company by helping her to write letters and respond to any court documents that might be lodged, although capacity does not allow them to represent her. This support with dealing with the insurance company in relation to the care accident is counted as one Ongoing Legal Support Service.