Case Study:

Ongoing legal support for Ahmed Ali

Ahmed Ali is trying to get repairs done in his rented home after a tropical cyclone caused extensive damage. He seeks advice from his Service Provider. As there are many tenants seeking support after the cyclone, the Service Provider has created a series of factsheets, template letters, and clinics but they do not have the capacity to provide a Representation Service for everyone in his circumstance. The Service Provider decides it wants to assist Ahmed by providing ongoing support while he advocates for himself. The Service Provider gives Ahmed a one-page Client Agreement which sets out that the Service Provider will support him to negotiate with his landlord through the tenancy issue, including helping draft and review letters; if the matter goes to the Civil and Administrative Tribunal, the Service Provider will not appear at the Tribunal for Ahmed, but will provide support to Ahmed to prepare for the hearing and to represent himself.

The support is counted as one Ongoing Legal Support Service.