Case Study:

Ali’s employment matter

Ali contacts a generalist Centre for employment law advice relating to workplace performance. He attends an appointment – Legal Advice 1.

Ali makes further contact one month later in relation to the same employment matter. The Centre this time provides written advice including options about legal action he could take – Legal Advice 2.

Ali contacts the Centre about the written advice. He would like the Centre to represent him. The Centre explains that it does not currently have the resources to provide Ali with ongoing assistance, but will help him to write a letter to respond to the employer. The Centre writes a letter on Ali’s behalf to his employer, setting out the law – Legal Task 1.

The Centre also refers Ali to his union and to the Law Society website for a list of private employment law solicitors in his suburb. This is recorded as

  •     one Referral
  •     with two referral destinations
  •     reason for referral is “Centre Does not have capacity to offer service.”