Case Study:

Multiple services for Jim

Jim approaches a Service Provider for help with a parking fine that he doesn’t want to pay. While providing him with some assistance about the parking fine, the Service Provider discovers that Centrelink has raised a debt for his Newstart Allowance, because they say he didn’t disclose a short period of part-time work that he did 12 months ago. Jim is appealing the Centrelink decision. Jim appears to be able to advocate for himself and the Service Provider knows he will keep coming back for assistance at particular stages for the appeals processes for the parking fine and the Centrelink issue. The Service Provider decides that Jim does not meet their criteria for a Representation Service. As they are two completely different matters with completely different areas of law and different legal processes, the Service Provider gives Jim two different Client Agreements that set out the scope of work they will do to support Jim as he goes through the appeals processes – one for the parking fine appeal and one for the Centrelink issue.

This support is counted as two Ongoing Legal Support Services.