Case Study:

A pro bono lawyer for Alfredo

Alfredo attends a Centre specialising in supporting people with disability. He has a complex legal matter relating to property transactions his family was involved in. The Centre’s solicitor provides initial advice about some potential causes of legal action (Legal Advice 1). The solicitor advises that we will initiate and pursue enquiries to get some more information, and then see what we need to do next. The Centre gets written consent to communicate with third parties.

The Centre obtains information from three different third parties (the Land and Property Information Agency, Alfredo’s sibling, and the lawyer who acted for Alfredo’s father)  (Legal Task 1). The solicitor then reviews all the information to see if there could be formal legal action Alfredo could take, and prepares notes (in CLASS this can be recorded as an Action within of Legal Advice 2). The solicitor then sees Alfredo again (Legal Advice 2), provides this information, and advises Alfredo that the Centre does not specialise in this sort of litigation, but would like to locate a private lawyer to help you with the case. Alfredo agrees.

The Centre compiles a short brief and cover letter for a pro bono lawyer, asking if they would be interested in taking the matter on (Legal Task 2).

The pro bono lawyer agrees to take on the matter. The Centre contacts Alfredo and asks if they want this lawyer to help. Alfredo says yes, so the Centre calls the pro bono lawyer and asks him to call Alfredo directly (Facilitated Referral – in CLASS this can be recorded by adding a Referral Destination to Legal Task 2).